BehaviorSpan Testimonials & Reviews

We provide Intensive Early Learning in a positive and caring environment to help each child meet their full potential.

I want to say thank you, for changing my son’s and my life with your amazing services and staff. My son entered your program and began ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy shortly after turning two. After, only months of therapy I have seen tremendous stride in my son’s behavior and daily activities! I never knew of ABA prior to entering this life changing program for my son. I am a mother of a 12 year old autistic son who had early intervention services also from the age of three and let me tell you I would of loved to have known about ABA back then. BehaviorSpan as a company and it’s employees/therapist have been a blessing to my entire family’s life. I couldn’t thank Christine (Operations Manager) enough!! She has went above and beyond for us since we began this program!! She has done everything in her power to make our schedules work, being flexible and providing me with all knowledge I need to make the best possible decision for the care and treatment plans for my son. With, being a single and working mother of two disabled children being able to take advantage of these life changing services and I couldn’t be more thankful for her help with everything she does! I am also very thankful for his Behavioral Therapist’s Madeline and Erin. I work very close with Madeline and she has done a very good job with keeping me up to date with everything they work together with and do on a daily basis. She also helps me as a mother learn new tools and how to best help my son blossom into the amazing person he can be. I couldn’t be more thankful! I have seen tremendous strides in my son in so many ways and I owe it to all the wonderful people who are with my son everyday, helping him, teaching him and loving him as his own little self! Thank you BehaviorSpan from the bottom of a once very concerned Mother!♥️
I cannot thank this company enough for sticking with our family! Once they came into our home and established a routine for my son, things started changing. It was very difficult at first for me, but once I started to trust, they showed me how to change my approach with my son when he was having a meltdown. He was 15yo and 6'4" and was dangerous to our family when in meltdown:( The first couple of times I was so scared, but they were absolutely right. My son rarely has full meltdowns anymore and when he does, we have been able to use our safety plan effectively until he is back in control of himself. My son is having so much success now that he is learning to control his behavior. They have taught him that when he is having difficulties, that it is best for him to remove himself from the situation and take time to calm down. He is learning transition and life skills. He comes home from school, does chores, actually does homework!, helps make dinner if needed, has his time down and then showers without making it the end of the world!!!! NEVER EVER would I have thought this possible :). He no longer has any meltdowns at school, he is successfully navigating learning a trade skill, and is learning how to be successful socially. He actually started his first job and is working 3 days a week and although it has been a challenge for him, he is Loving it!!!! He is working toward moving out and into a host home within a month or two from now. I just can't thank this company enough! He is having success after success:) It has been a lot of work for everyone involved with him. He went from being picked up from school everyday and having daily meltdowns at home which involved punching holes in walls, threatening family members, eloping from home and school. We walked on eggshells around him and I have PTSD from the constant danger level. Never did I dare dream that he would be able to successfully navigate the world. This has been a real battle, but we have won.