Parent Training as a Team!

BehaviorSpan Newsletter- March, 2021

By the BehaviorSpan team

March, 2021 Newsletter
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The Silent Crisis of Autism Services in Colorado
Waitlists to receive ABA Autism services are over 6 months, and growing. The situation is getting worse as providers are leaving the state and closing because they aren't able to break even with the current Medicaid rates.
How to get your child to try new foods!
Tips for helping your child to try new foods this Thanksgiving, and other news from BehaviorSpan- November, 2020
How to put Halloween candy to good use- as a Reinforcer.
Tips on how your can safely use Halloween candy as a reward for good behavior, and other BehaviorSpan news- October, 2020
Parent Training as a Team!
Helpful information on Parent Training and ABA, as well as current BehaviorSpan updates from March, 2021
Announcing a New Aurora Center!
In collaboration with Developmental Pathways, we are opening a new Early Intervention center to serve Aurora.