Early Learning

Our Early Learning services provide intensive, individualized treatment to early learners up to age 6. Our team of professionals provide support in increasing specific behaviors such as eye contact, appropriate body language in class or child care settings, interacting appropriately with adults and peers, and other positive skills. We also provide support in decreasing specific behaviors such as rocking, chewing and mouthing objects, and other self-stimulatory behaviors. Behaviors that display aggression are also targeted for reduction in thoroughly outlined behavior plans.
image of a baby smiling

Common Signs of Autism in Early Learners

                • Not making eye contact at 6 months
                • Not walking at 12 months
                • Not speaking a few words or short phrases at 18 months
                • Does not display motor skills such as kicking a ball at 24 months

Speech Milestones

                • Child should know a few words by 12 months
                • Child should know approximately 8 words by 18 months
                • Child should know approximately 50 words by 24 months