Every person has the right to reach their full potential.

BehaviorSpan is a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to helping our clients meet their full potential, improve their lives, and find new levels of independence and fulfillment. We provide treatment in our clients homes, communities, schools, and our Aurora-based behavior center. Our company has been recognized by the Behavior Health Center of Excellence as one of Colorado’s finest providers for clinical quality, transparency, and accountability.

7 Principals We Work By

  • 1
    We Assess
    A Functional Behavior Assessment is a process to determine your child’s specific needs so that treatment fits them perfectly.

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    We Treat
    We use individualized, evidence-based treatment to help our clients meet their full potential.

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    We Treat
    Reducing challenging behavior, important for both the parent and child’s happiness.

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    We Treat
    Teaching effective language and helping individuals to rapidly reach language development benchmarks.

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    We Treat
    Teaching Independent living Skills helps ensure that children we work with learn to be independent and keep their independence as they grow.

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    We Treat
    Teaching Social Skills so that children we work with can make friends and stay connected with their community.

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    We Treat
    We can also help with academic and vocational goals, effectively and systematically teaching you child to find what they love to do and excel at it.

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    We Evaluate
    We continuously monitor progress to ensure that we are effectively meeting your child’s goals.

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Services We Provide

In-Home Services
We provide in-home services, in which our Clinical Supervisors and Registered Behavior Technicians some into client homes and work with their child for up to 40 hours per week. This is ideal for teaching behaviors that will help them in their natural environment: language, independent living skills, reducing challenging behavior, and social skills. Our clients are happy each day to see our highly trained therapists coming to work with them.
Collaborative Services
Our clinicians can collaborate with schools, families, caregivers, and other service providers to ensure that everyone understands the child’s needs and is working as a team. We provide services in schools, out in the community, at work, and anywhere else they need help to become more independent and excel at what they are doing.
Intensive Services
For more intensive services, and to get the most progress, we provide services in our secure and safe center in Aurora. Clients can come to the center for up to 8 hours per day to receive intensive, fun learning opportunities and training in language, academic skills, social skills, reducing challenging behavior, coping skills, and independence. The center is always staffed with highly trained Clinicians who provide continuous one-on-one teaching.

Our Providers

J.J. Tomash
J.J. Tomash, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Owner

J.J. Tomash has studied and applied Behavior Analysis for over 16 years. He spent his educational career, from his Associate’s degree through his Ph.D. at Swansea University, studying the Science of Behavior, and how it can be applied to solving real problems. He spoke at several international conferences, published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals, and received research awards. Following his studies, and a brief interlude living in India, Dr. Tomash turned to the practical application of Behavior Analysis. He acquired his BCBA working with Josh Pritchard at Lodestone Academy. He has had the good fortune to work with a wide variety of individuals and needs- conducting functional analysis and assessments, designing and implementing interventions to reduce disruptive behaviors; teaching communication, social skills, and independent living skills. He has worked in virtually every setting where clients need help.
Throughout his academic and practical studies of behavior analysis, Dr. Tomash has acquired a deep respect for Behavior Analysis as a great tool to improve people’s lives. Its power goes far beyond reducing particular problem behaviors, but to finding and teaching the targeted skills that will make problem behavior unnecessary.

Nicole Da Lima Leitao, M.Sc., BCBA
Clinical Director

Growing up in India, Nicole saw first-hand the need for research-based services for those with developmental disabilities and in the field of mental health. This brought her to the UK, where she completed her M.Sc. in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. She returned to India and worked in a care center with adults with intellectual disabilities.

In 2013, Nicole moved to Orlando, FL to pursue her Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst. In Orlando, she she worked in one of the first behavior analytic schools in the area: Lodestone Academy. Here she worked with children ranging from ages of 3 – 23 years, a wide variety of behavior problems and needs, and a close-knit group of highly trained Behavior Analysts. She acquired experience developing and conducting a variety of programs, assessments and curriculum-based trainings.

Nicole’s love for the mountains, as well as her determination to bring Behavior Analysis to new areas of need, drew her to Colorado in 2015. She worked with another large company in the area until May, 2016- when she became the Clinical Director at Behavior Span.

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Christine Duong
Operations Manager

Christine Duong is our Operations Manager. She is a native to Denver, Colorado. She has her bachelors in social work from Metro State University. She loves people and is happy to be apart of the Behavior Span team. On her spare time you can find her spending time with her 2 daughters.

Tiffany Conway, M.ED (SPED), RBT
Behavior Specialist
Tiffany Conway began her career as a Special Education Teacher at an ABA school for children with autism in San Diego. After moving to Denver in 2007 she worked in the public school setting as a Special Education Teacher and Program Coordinator, creating inclusive environments for all students through behavioral intervention and individualized programs. Tiffany has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and is currently finishing her coursework and supervision to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She joined our team in 2016 and works with a diverse group of clients, helping them maximize their success while supporting their community and caregivers. When not with clients, you can usually find Tiffany hiking or snowboarding in our beautiful mountains, cooking up a fun new recipe, playing with her adorable pup, or going on road trips with her husband.
2018 BHCOE Logo (1)

Not only have the BehaviorSpan staff met the rigorous code of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, but we are one of only 5 companies in the state of Colorado to have received full accreditation as a Behavior Health Center of Excellence. This means we are among the few practices in state that meet their highest standards of verified clinical quality, transparency, and accountability!


our providers
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Measurement of Behaviors means Tracking behavior is the greatest tool that behavior analysts use, and what sets them apart from other therapies. We continuously monitor our effectiveness by the measurable effects we have on our clients’ behavior. This involves intensive data collection, graphing and analysis of the results


Journal Applied Behavioral Analysis

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Journal Experimental Analysis Behavior

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior


  • Behavior Analyst Certification Board
    The BACB is an organization whose mission is to regulate and ensure the highest standards in the field of behavior analysis. Those they give the credential BCBA can be trusted to be highly educated and effective in helping teach and resolve behavior problems.
  • Essential for Living
    A functional skills curriculum, assessment, and skill tracking instrument for students with moderate-to-severe disabilities, including, but not limited to autism. It is especially useful for learners with limited communication repertoires, minimal daily living skills, or severe problem behavior.

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