Aurora ABA Center

Children mastered this many skills this week.

Wheat Ridge ABA Center

Children mastered this many skills this week.


Children mastered this many skills this week.

Four Pillars for Success



In our ABA centers we can supervise each child’s progress constantly and ensure their curriculum is always updated and getting real results. We teach rather than train constantly, supervise rigorously, and have a deep-rooted team culture that values working together to help our clients

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Each child we work with has a personal staff member that provides ABA therapy to them every hour of every day. These certified ABA staff members get to know the child and can monitor their progress. The child’s behavior plan comes from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who supervised their progress daily and ensures their ongoing progress.

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Each hour is precious and pays off in years of freedom later. Research shows that the greatest predictor of outcome for a child with ASD or Developmental Delays is the number of weekly hours they get with effective ABA therapy. For most of our clients learning with us, this is their full-time job until they are ready to transition to school.

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Early Intervention

Many ask why we chose to specialize in Early Intervention ABA. Experience and science have taught us that it is critical to teach children foundational skills early. This helps them learn as many skills as possible and prevents ABA challenges later in life. Early Intervention is the most powerful tool we can give our clients to help them have a remarkable life.

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Our Mission


BehaviorSpan’s mission since 2015 has been the same: to provide Denver with the best Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services available anywhere. To help people meet their full potential.  Today, we specialize exclusively in Early Intervention.  This allows us to provide the very best services to children diagnosed with Autism or Developmental Delays when our help can have the biggest impact on their life.

Insurances Accepted


Behavorial Health Center of Excellence 2018


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